Helping Charles

Charles manages a lot of pain due to a variety of issues. However, a pain clinic had a new solution that would help reduce the chronic pain. The problem – he had no transportation and doesn’t have the resources to arrange this for himself. He contacted The Area Council on Aging for Southeast Michigan and they put him in touch with Dreams Accomplished.

Dreams Accomplished quickly arranged for his transportation which included having the driver wait for him while he was being evaluated. Over the course of a month we were able to help Charles obtain the treatment to significantly reduces pain without him having to stress over getting to or home from the appointments.

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Safety Ramp

Chester has lymphodema, resulting in a crippling form of arthritis. This handicap  limits his ability to go up and down stairs into his house. He recently had rotator cuff surgery and broke his humorous after returning home trying to navigate the stairs into the house.

Unable to safely enter his home he was stuck in the hospital until a ramp could be built to allow his safe entry into the home. Chester’s wife Julie identified the necessary materials to build the ramp and a contractor that would work with her brother to construct the ramp. All they needed where the funds funds necessary to buy the materials for the ramp.

When Dreams Accomplished was made aware of the situation we were happy to provide funds to help Chester home again.


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