Wine Tutorial

What happens when a group gets together to learn about wine for the afternoon? Well, besides tasting a variety of wines, eating some great hors d’oeuvres and having a lot of fun -they help raise money for Dreams Accomplished.

In early November just such an event occurred. Brian Osuch from PRP Wines spent the afternoon describing some of the basic about wines to some of the finer intricacies. Information on grape varieties used in certain wines, what makes a certain region conducive to good wine, a little bit of chemistry, and even why screw on tops are actually better than corks in some cases were just a few of the topics discussed. Of coarse sampling a few wines also added to the experience.

But the best part of the day was the money raised to help the physically handicapped through Dreams Accomplished. Between the donations from the participants and those sent by individuals who could not make it, over $800 was raised.

Thanks to all who could make it and everyone who donated. It was a great event and we will definitely do it again.

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