Capac High School Walk for Dreams

Capac High School Fundraising

By Kathy McVeigh

I’m 15 years old and a sophomore attending Capac High School. I proudly sponsor Dreams Accomplished by selling homemade smiley face suckers, and I plan on organizing a walk in May with Capac students. The students will pledge a dollar or more to walk the track at the high school for an hour while school is in session. I love to volunteer and am happy to support Dreams Accomplished.

Capac HS Walk

On Friday May 21st approximately 150 Capac High School students participated in a fundraiser for Dreams Accomplished. The event was sponsored by the student council and students from grades 8-12 participated. Students were allowed to walk during 5th hour in lieu of class for a small donation. After completing the walk participants were treated to a cookie (thanks Koleen) before returning to class.

Fortunately it was cloudy but otherwise a perfect day for walking. Many thanks to all the student and faculty support!




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