Computer for College Dream

Katelyn graduates from high school this year (2011) and like many high school seniors she has a dream of going to college.  Katelyn wants to become a surgical Registered Nurse; she has the grades, she has been accepted in a university nursing program, she is ready to go.  However, she needs help purchasing a computer for her nursing studies. This is because in addition to the normal complications of a teenager starting college, Katelyn has to manage a physical disability too.

Katelyn deals with joint dislocation daily due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).  EDS is a disease that affects connective tissue leading to easily dislocated joints and may also lead to complications with eyes, internal organs and healing.  She has to regularly visit the Doctor to receive medication, examination and joint adjustment.  This makes attending college more complicated and difficult than normal.

Karen Northrop presents Katelyn with a laptop and software to help with college studies.

After being made aware of her need Dreams Accomplished stepped-up and purchased a laptop and Microsoft Office software for Katelyn.  We hope this helps her reach her dream of becoming a surgical Registered Nurse.


2 Responses to Computer for College Dream

  1. Karen Northrop says:

    I know that receiving the computer for college has made a world of difference for Katelyn. I hope that she is able to fulfill her dream of becoming what she hopes to be.

  2. Katelyn McVeigh says:

    Dear Dreams Accomplished,
    Thank you for helping me in my adventure through college. I have now completed my first semester at Oakland University earning 13 total credits. My laptop i was blessed with has helped me tremendously with typing papers, checking my grades, and so much more. I am scheduled to take 16 credits next semester then I will be eligible to apply to the nursing program next year. My dream to soon help other people like they have helped me through out my life is coming true. I am so grateful for my laptop and can not thank you enough!
    Thank You,
    Katelyn McVeigh

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