Transportation Van Dream


On February 15th, 2015, Francine had two strokes: one on each side of her brain which have ultimately left her incapacitated. Unable to walk she now needs 24 hour care. Her daughter Taylor is doing her best to give her mother the care she needs and deserves. But without transportation that can accommodate a wheelchair; visits to therapy, doctors appointments and other events are very costly and nearly impossible.

Handicapped van with the lift.

Taylor started a crowd funding project and identified a vehicle that was reasonably priced. However, after a few days it was clear that she was still a long way from getting the funds she needed to purchase the vehicle. Dreams Accomplished was made aware of the situation and decided we should help.


Francine and Taylor happy to receive a check.

We were able to provide a check to Francine and Taylor to cover  $3000 toward the purchase of the vehicle. This was enough to get things moving and the vehicle purchased.

Francine getting into her new van.




Now Francine can get out of the house and get back to living a more normal life.

Francine out of the house and getting her hair done.


One Response to Transportation Van Dream

  1. Taylor and Francine Lawless says:

    Dreams Accomplished,

    Words cannot describe how thankful and grateful my mom and I are. This is going to change both of our lives in ways that words can not even fully describe. Without Dreams Accomplished we would be sentenced to a life solitude. My mom would not be able to participate in the real world and I would not be able to leave her.

    My mom has already been to the salon to get some well needed pampering done! She has been so happy to get out of the house and to start living a normal life again. We have her doctors appointments scheduled and we are on the road to recovery !!!!

    Special thanks to Pat who regonized our need, considered us, and took out the time to help our dream become a reality !

    Thank you,
    Taylor & Francine

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