Red Wing Dream

Today was a big day as we fulfilled two dreams! We took two young men to the Red Wings game. Since we were unsure of anything other than going to the game we did not tell the young men who we might meet or any plans other than going to the game.

Duane with his mother and father.

The first dream came from Duane. He is eighteen and very interested in broadcasting and hockey.  His dream was to attend a game, interview a player, meet the Red Wings TV announcers and ultimately be involved in a broadcast.  This is a big dream for anyone, but even more so for Duane because he has cerebral palsy, is wheelchair bound and can sometimes have difficulty speaking.  In order to support his him Dreams Accomplished was able to get him down to the game today and have him meet Ken Kal the radio voice of the Red Wings.

Christopher with his family.

Our second dream comes from Christopher who has Cerebral palsy and is wheelchair bound. His dream was to attend a Red Wing game

We arrived 1.5 hours early and waited in the lower area of the arena and met up with a Dreams Accomplished supporter with connections to the Red Wings organization. When Ken Kal walked up, Duane didn’t recognize him because Ken does not get seen a lot because of only being on the radio. However, once Ken began talking Duane recognized his voice immediately and his face exploded into a smile.

Ken Kal with Christopher and his mom.

Ken was wonderful giving each of the guys a bag of goodies and talking at length to each of the young men and their parents. Ken took the time to get a sound byte from Duane for Sunday’s pre-game broadcast, unfortunately, the background noise in the area was too much and he could not get anything useful. Paul Woods (Ken’s broadcast partner) also stopped by for a few minutes and talked to the young men.

Duane with Ken Kal, radio voice of the Detroit Red Wings.

We then went up to our seats and watched the game. We were treated to a great game with the wings scoring late to tie it up and take the game into overtime. The overtime was a quick affair however, with Nashville scoring a goal 16 seconds in to take victory. Regardless each of the young men and families were thrilled.


2 Responses to Red Wing Dream

  1. Cathleen DuFresne says:

    Hi PatI was thinking about you and the wonderful time we had last year. I hope all is well with you. Everything is going well here. Duane still listens to Ken Cal and Paul Woods every time there is a game on. That made a big impression on him. He is still very interested in broadcasting and the radio. He still tells me that one day he would like to broadcast a game with them. He has done some DJ work on an AM station with some DJ friends of ours. He practices his broadcasting technique on his DJ board that we purchased for him. He still talks about the game and the fun he had. He was able to meet Karen Newman this past summer at a charity softball game in the area. What a thrill that was for him. She is a very nice lady. I want to thank you again for the opportunity for Duane to meet the guys and watch a game. Cathy DuFresne

    • pat says:

      Kathy it was our pleasure and it’s great to hear that Duane is doing well and remembers the event fondly. All of the supporters and benefactor deserve the thanks because without them Dreams Accomplished could not exist.

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