New Well

Anthony is unable to work because he is handicap with back issues. Without a steady source of income, keeping up with daily living expenses is difficult. But even worse is when something you depend on breaks down. In the case of Anthony it was the well pump.

A worn-out pump has to go!

Unable to pay for a replacement he had to depend on boiling down snow to provide water for the plumbing and household needs. Dreams Accomplished was asked to help. We contracted a plumbing company to evaluate the situation and determine what was required to get water back in service.



The new pump in its place.

After reviewing the system, the pump was found to be bad and required replacement along with some of the piping connecting the pump to the system. Dreams Accomplished provided not only the pump replacement and the necessary system repairs, but also some gift certificates to help pay for groceries.



An appreciative Anthony with the pump.

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