A Ramp To Go Home

Joe leaving the hospital

Joe served in World War II as a member of the signal Corps and went on to work hard and raise four children with his wife Evelyn. After retiring he had a comfortable home and was able to make ends meet on a fixed income. However later in life Joe ended up contracting diabetes and over the years the disease took its toll. Recently Joe had to have his right leg amputated below the knee. This certainly didn’t dampen Joe’s desire to live independently in the home he and his wife had made for their retirement. So after completing his rehabilitation in the hospital he was ready to go home.

Before ramp installation


When he returned home he and his family realized that getting in and out of the house was going to be a problem. Even though Joseph was going to be fit with a prosthetic, due to his age he was always going to require the ability to go in and out with a wheelchair. This meant Joe and Evelyn needed to build a ramp to be able to return Joe home. However, on their fixed income, they just couldn’t afford the added expense that the ramp would incur. When Dreams Accomplished was made aware of the situation we added our support to help build a ramp.

Constructing the Ramp

Dreams Accomplished, a private donor and another charity provided the funding to build the ramp and modify the front entrance to allow access for Joe in his wheelchair. After the ramp was complete, Joe was again able to return home.

We at Dreams Accomplished were happy to support this worthwhile project. Together with our donors we helped Joe attain his dream of being able to go back to his comfortable home.

Able to Enter the House at Last

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