A Little Help Standing

To be able to get up from a chair, get into bed or into a car are things we all take for granted. Actions that make our lives mobile and give us the opportunity to get around without constant support from others. Randy suffered a stroke and is trying to recover his ability to stand on his own.

Randy’s wife Joy contacted Dreams Accomplished and asked if we could do something to help. She had seen a piece of equipment that helped an individual stand up. With the patient’s feet on a platform, the machine helps support their knees and back as they lift with their arms.

Randy and Joy

In doing so all of their muscles associated with standing get worked out. The machine can also be moved with the patient in a standing position so they can be safely transferred between chairs and other locations.

Dreams Accomplished purchased the equipment and delivered it right before the holidays. We hope this equipment will provide some assistance in Randy regaining some of his independence.

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