Transportation Dreams

Sometimes the dream is to just get where you need to go. Recently, Dreams Accomplished has helped provide transportation to a couple of handicapped veterans.

In the first case we helped World War II veteran Charles Benson. Due to his lack of mobility he was unable to keep an appointment at the Veterans Administration.

Charles & Opal

His wife Opal is unable to drive and therefore could not attend the appointment for him. This is where Dreams Accomplished stepped in. We arranged transportation for Opal so that Harold could receive some necessary benefits.

In the second case we helped Korean War veteran Lowell Adkins get to his doctor appointments at the Veterans Hospital in Detroit. Dreams Accomplished arranged transportation for Lowell to make it downtown for his doctor appointment and follow up visit.

Everyone at Dreams Accomplished is proud to help veterans of Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge, and the Korean War receive benefits richly deserved for their service to our country.

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